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Detox survivor! “10lbs lighter and full of energy! Eva coached me through my 3 day FAST with tips and tricks to get me through this personal challenge Thank you Eva!!”


Lots of tips on what to eat to be the road of better health, feeling great and looking younger. I personally started feeling lighter shortly after i began consuming more raw vegetables. They really help improve digestion. 


Following Eva was a great experience and she really helps you change your habits smoothly. With just a few small changes I lost 10 lbs in one month. Thanks Eva!


Since I’ve followed Eva I’ve found new recipes and have been motivated to stay healthy. Through Eva I also completed the miessence 3 day fast which made me lose weight and feel great. Thanks Eva!


Love the healthy recipes! You are an inspiration! Thanks!”


Her tips, and recipes have taken my mind and body to the next level. I am full of energy and have gained more muscle, strength as over all have more energy. Thank you Eva!


I don’t believe that we can change everyone…but I do believe that we can inspire and be inspired to change! You,Eva, inspired me to change! Everyday for the last 30 days you were the precious guest in my life! I was starting the day with you and ending it. Your messages/posts were influencing my thinking and actions. Im so grateful to meet you,Eva! Your passion and love is evident! Thank you!


I joined the group to improve my eating and exercise habits. The information and tips provided really helped me in my venture.


The information provided through your 30-day group was really educational and a great inspiration to move towards a healthier me! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!


Mes trois jours sont complètés et je me sens très bien! Une excellente façon de faire un petit ménage du printemps de notre corps! Je me sens revitaliser et pleine d’énergie! A la limite plus légère! Littéralement perdu 6 lbs même plus!!! Enfin, je sens même que ma peau est plus belle !!! Merci Eva et @miessence pour m’avoir fait découvrir FAST superfood de Miessence!