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Hello! I’m Eva. I graduated from the Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition. I also completed The David Wolfe Nutrition Certification program at the BodyMind Institute.

Investing in my health has not only helped me reclaim my health but also enabled me to help others caught in the same situation as myself, by starting this website.

You see, before I embarked on this health journey, I myself, like so many others was caught in the web of confusion, about what is truly healthy and what is not. In other words, there was a lot of confusion about what to eat and how to eat right. Not only that but I was faced with health issues that made it very difficult for me to stay in good health.

Frustrated by doctor’s appointments and meds with no solutions, I decided to take matters in my own hands and learn how to better manage my health. The result was pleasantly surprising as I learned to heal myself through the simplest and most basic of ways- healthy nutrition and sensible lifestyle changes.

I learned that living a happy and healthy life does not have to be that difficult. Instead it can and should be fun and flexible.

Stop focusing on “How Much you Eat” and start focusing “On What you Eat”! Makes sense?

A Bit about My Story

From a very young age, I struggled with digestive distress such as bloating, upset stomach and abdominal pain every time I ate certain foods.

Then came the years of hormonal imbalances and I found myself struggling with cystic acne in my late 20s. There were also the migraines, and chronic fatigue to deal with.

I visited a lot of doctors and got a lot of testing done. During these years of trial and error I would eat certain foods and experience bad abdominal pain, ending up at the hospital numerous times.

It was only when I switched to a plant-based diet that my whole life shifted. I started feeling better! This worked for me and motivated me to dig a little deeper. I decided to study holistic nutrition and started adding real food into my body while ditching all the processed foods. The difference I felt was amazing. With this shift in my diet, I began to see the change and made real progress.

I also decided to detox my beauty cabinet and added organic beauty and personal care products. You can learn more about Miessence at Miessence.com/evaorganics.

The whole experience was such an eye opener that I decided I did not just want to keep all my newly discovered secrets to myself. I wanted to share all this with anyone who had either gone through or was going through the same health issues.

I am a true believer of Hippocrates in terms of “You are what you eat’’. I believe that by eating healthy, adding in the real whole foods and living a healthier lifestyle we can change our path to better health.

There are so many people who want to live a healthier life but they just are not sure how to do it and where to begin. Most become overwhelmed and give up even before they start.

I hope to help others on a path to a healthier lifestyle and happiness.

Stay Healthy,


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