The Beauty of Food Review


Eating right has so many benefits. Not only does it make you a healthier person on the inside, it also starts to reflect on the outside. For instance, when you eat fresh and healthy foods, your skin starts to glow. Your hair and nails improve in texture and getting compliments becomes an everyday thing.

However, finding the right recipes, both for your diet and for your beauty routine can be time consuming. That is why a book like the Beauty of Food can be your perfect companion for the ultimate beauty regimen.

 What is The Beauty of Food?

The Beauty of Food is a nutritional guide that not only emphasises the foods we eat but how we can use them to look pretty as well. It is not your traditional diet per say, but more of how to use common foods to apply topically to your skin.

There are also healthy nutrition tips and advice to follow to make your path to beautiful skin just a little easier.

Following the author’s ideas will have you looking younger at practically no cost, since you will use foods you already have on hand.

The book looks at comprehensive and tried methods to achieve the following:

  • Home based, natural and non-surgical beauty enhancers
  • Right in your kitchen remedies for every imaginable beauty issue
  • Remedies to slow the outward signs of aging
  • Restoring smooth, youthful skin all over
  • Achieving lustrous, super silky hair
  • And so much more

The tips and treatments are all natural and focus on eating clean. Requiring little else than common items found in the kitchen, you can get exclusive access to many beauty secrets such as:

  • Hanan’s fifty cent Botox alternative; a cleverly simple way to achieve Botox-like results without having to spend the dollars
  • Foods for topical applications that instantly improve the tone and texture of skin
  • The shiny hair secret from the Middle East, easilysuperseding the best contemporary shampoos
  • A neck mask that will take of years from the look of your skin
  • Tips for younger looking hands
  • How to avoid future wrinkles, or reverse the one you have right now

For those of us who have tried home beauty remedies, we know that beauty does not have to cost a fortune. Keeping that in mind, the best part is that this book does not come with a hefty price tag. Instead, there is an instant download available upon payment. (You can only buy one single beauty product for that price!)

Who Is The Author?

And finally a word about the person who put this collection of beauty tips together. Hanan, is a natural beauty consultant with origins linked to Persian royalty. She has drawn inspiration for this book not only from her own interest in beauty, but also from true and tried tips that her own mother used as part of her beauty regimen.

She has studied the causes of skin aging, and put together affordable solutions to tackle every skin problem from cellulite to wrinkles and fine lines.

Get in league with Hanan and her followers by downloading her book and enjoy true beauty inside out.

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