Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a succulent plant cultivated for its therapeutic value. However, it is not only good for medicinal purposes but it can extend to nutritional benefits as well.

In fact, it is considered a superfood given its dense nutritional profile. The nutritional composition of aloe vera makes it a popular ingredient in a wide range of health food and beverage products. It is a top superfood for promoting many bodily systems including its ability to purify the liver, aid in digestion, and help boost immunity among others.

Here is a look at some top aloe vera benefits as a superfood and dietary supplement, making it a super healthy addition to any blended drink.

  1. Natural laxative

Aloe can have a laxative effect on the digestive system. It can be especially effective in the case of backed up bowel movements and provides relief from constipation. Drinking aloe vera juice, gel or powder is a mild laxative and can soothe discomfort while hydrating the intestines.

Because of its anti-inflammatory component and laxative compounds aloe vera juice can be helpful for people. Regular consumption has shown a decrease in digestive discomfort levels while also reducing flatulence.

  1. Can help increases healthy bacteria and has an alkalizing effect

Along with helping digestion, aloe vera juice can help normalize the pH balance as well. It helps provide a more alkaline environment and counteracts effects of acidic foods creating an acidic digestive environment.

As it encourages digestive bacteria, it can help lessen yeast formation and regularize bowel movements helping eliminate undigested material and toxins from the body.

Aloe gel nutrients also act as a prebiotic promoting gut friendly bacteria while certain other compounds in the gel help provide a protective mucus lining in the gut.

  1. Immune system booster

Aloe has a number of easily digested sugars that, when appearing in the blood stream, offer immune regulating actions. One of these stimulates production of white blood cells which play an important role in the body’s immune response.

  1. Protection from oxidative stress

Aloe contains a number of nutrients that offer antioxidant actions. For instance, the vitamin A in aloe is an antioxidant that can help minimize inflammation. It is also critical in maintaining healthy vision, brain function and healthy skin.

The vitamin C in aloe can shield the body from premature skin aging. And vitamin E as an antioxidant reduces free radical damage, fights inflammation and slows the aging of cells.

  1. Anti-inflammatory potential

Aloe also has anti-inflammatory potential. Studies on aloe regarding inflammation suggest that swollen joints respond well when aloe is taken as a juice. The same can also be applied as a gel and rubbed onto swollen, painful joints. This helps cool the inflamed joints and reduce joint immobility.