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Benefits of Going Meatless Once a Week


In recent years, a trend has gone around called Meatless Monday. It has become so popular that beloved musician Paul McCartney even wrote a song about it a few years ago.

While many know about Meatless Monday, there are still who do not. For those who do not know about Meatless Monday, it is exactly how it sounds. You avoid eating any type of meat every Monday.

Going meatless has many health benefits that will make you feel and live a better life. This is to help you understand some of the health benefits that going meatless at least once a week will bring you.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to going meatless at least once a week. You are lowering your chances of developing many diseases such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Certain types of cancers

A day without meat is a stepping stone for those who are at risk for developing heart disease and diabetes. Some people are not able to go cold turkey with their meat consumption, but a weekly meatless meal can show people how easy and great food can be without meat.

A meatless day can help with lowering the risk of cancers like colorectal by avoiding processed meats like bacon for a day. Eating too much processed meat can also lead to a higher chance of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The health benefits for going meatless, at least once a week, is amazing as most of these diseases are avoidable. Being healthy is more important than eating great tasting unhealthy processed meat.


Obesity is a serious health problem that affects many people. According to studies, obesity and health problems related to the condition is now one of the top leading causes of death. It is also costly to treat the condition and any health problems associated with it.

There are many reasons why people are obese, and there are many solutions that can help the condition such as diet and exercise.

Going meatless at least once a week can help treat obesity. People on plant-based diets usually have lower BMIs, and a plant-based diet can help with weight loss. Weight loss, despite being difficult for some people, is the best way to fight obesity.

And days like Meatless Mondays can help fight obesity by showing people that they do not have to eat processed meat all the time. In fact, healthy wholefoods can keep a person full.

Live Longer

Studies have shown people on any plant-based diet, whether it is some type of vegetarian diet or veganism, live longer than those who are on a meat-based diet.

This means the less meat you eat, even if it is for a day, it can help you in the long run. As you have a higher chance of living longer than those who do not go meatless at least once a week.

Digestive Help

Studies have shown that going without meat for a day can help with your digestive system. Animal meat is harder to digest than other food and eating less meat can help your system fully digest food.

Improve Your Nutritional Needs

Certain types of foods can help your intake of important vitamin and mineral needs. For example, oatmeal can help you raise your iron intake while beans and peas can help your intake of such minerals like fiber, iron, and protein.

Improving your nutritional needs can help you become healthier. It can also help you with avoiding some of the health problems associated with a plant-based diet like protein and iron deficiency.

For example, eating more beans and oatmeal on a meatless day will make sure that you meet your daily nutritional needs.


If for some reason, you cannot go without meat, even for a day, you can try a Mediterranean diet. A Mediterranean diet focuses more on fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Meats play a secondary role in this diet.

This diet is very flexible for everyone who wants to try to reduce meat. You can still eat meat, but you are eating more fruits and vegetables.

This is helpful for those who for health reasons need to have some meat in their diet. Following a Mediterranean diet, instead of a completely meatless diet, is great for those who want to try a meatless diet but cannot. It is also great for those who are starting out a meatless diet without going cold turkey.

While you can go meatless one day of the week, it is important to do so as this diet brings many health benefits. With a meatless day, you lower your risks of health problems and live longer than those who eat processed meat. Going meatless can be a wonderful thing!



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