Canada’s New 2019 Food Guide


Eat well and live well – that is what Canada’s food guide lives by and from the looks of it, the guide is aimed to help citizens take control of their health habits.

In the new food guide, you will find a wider scope of food selection, tips, and other valuable information that you will need to stay healthy compared to the old single paged rainbow food guide found on the website.

In fact, the food guide has been given a great new overhaul with an excellent overview not just of what Canadians should be eating daily, but how they should be preparing it. When you look at the color wheel now, it has been replaced with a modern look and feel that shows photos of real food. 

If you want to know what is included in the guide, you have come to the right place. Take a look at what the guide has to offer on this review.

What to Expect in the New Food Guide?

  • Highlighting the importance of plant based protein – There are plenty of ways that you can get protein. Contrary to popular belief, lean meat is not the only source of protein but you can also get it from plant based ingredients like beans, lentils, and nuts. Instead of choosing to go for animal based protein like milk, poultry, and meat, you can find a detailed list of plant-based alternatives that you can try out.
  • Avoid too much sugar – Aside from emphasizing plant-based protein, the guide also encourages to cut down on sugar especially from beverages. Drinks that are rich in sugar are the number one source of sugar in most diets. So, drinks like sweetened milk, and juice are not emphasized but instead the guide encourages to drink water, milk, plant-based drinks, coffee, and tea.
  • Whole grains – In the old Canadian food guide, grain products used to include refined and whole grain items, but in the new guide only whole grains are underlined.

How Come Portion Size is Not Included in the Guide?

You might be wondering why portion size is not included in the guide? Don’t worry because that part will be added later in 2019.  In portion size guide, it will explain the amount of food and type that you should be eating daily but this part of the guide will be for those people who are in the health care industry not for consumers.

This will be used by health care professionals to help them come up with good menus for schools, hospitals, daycares, and other public establishments that need help coming up with healthy menus.

If you really think about it, the snapshot plate will give you enough information on what food to eat, which shows you detailed information on how much protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables you should be consuming in a day.

Try this Food Guide for a Healthier Lifestyle

Staying healthy is a lifestyle choice, and therefore should be taken seriously. With this guide, you will have a guide you can follow to change your eating habits for the better.