Colorful Vegan Salad


If ever you have a lot of different ingredients and vegetables in your refrigerator that you’re unsure on how to use, why not make a colorful salad?

Salads are a great way to eating healthy and ingredients found in salads provide a lot of nutritional value that is beneficial for your health.

For your base, you can use any greens you have, such as romaine lettuce, kale, spinach or mixed greens. For this recipe, I used romaine lettuce which is high in minerals. My next ingredient is grated carrots. They’re also high in minerals, vitamin A, fiber and add extra color to your salad.

Radishes are also a great ingredient to use because they’re packed with nutrients and vitamins. They also add a lot of flavor to your salad. You can also add cherry tomatoes which are high in vitamin C and potassium.

When you’re adding herbs to your salad, try and use fresh herbs as much as you can because their nutrient values are usually higher when fresh. I used cilantro in this case because they add a lot of flavor. One of the great benefits of using herbs in your salad is that it avoids you having to add too much salt or if any since herbs already are rich in flavor and provide nutrients.

You can garnish your salad with green onions since they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. To finish, I added hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are healthy fats and rich in nutrients, fiber and protein. They have a bit of a nutty flavor so it’s a great boost to your salad recipe.

For the vinegar, basic ingredients are great in this case. So, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, maple syrup, garlic, salt and pepper. You can keep it up to one week in your refrigerator and because it’s standard, it goes well with any salad recipe.

This is a great recipe to include in your regular meal plan since it doesn’t include many ingredients and it’s really easy to do and full of rich nutrients.

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