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Discover Miessence Certified Organics

Miessence is proud to present a wide variety of skin and beauty care products that meet the most strict quality standards and do nothing to compromise the health and safety of their customers.

Here is a quick look at some of the personal care items that Miessence has to offer.

Skin Care

Their skin care regimen is designed to look after four different types of skin profiles. Their skin care products cover every skin type from normal, combination skin, dry, mature skin, oily skin to sensitive skin. They provide a range of products that cover every possible skin issue ranging from occasional breakouts, blackheads, enlarged pores, dry patches, dull complexion, blemishes, sensitivity and much more.

The Miessence promise to offer all natural, non-toxic ingredients for skin care stands true as all their products are manufactured using only organic botanicals. Given the type of skin treatment needed to nourish your skin, their products will moisturize, improve elasticity, enhance skin tone, reduces redness and blemishes as well as smooth fine lines and wrinkles among many other issues.

Using their products, you can rest assured that you are treating your skin with the best natural ingredients nature has to offer. There is absolutely no concern for applying synthetic or toxic compounds otherwise found in commercial skin care products.

Hair Care

Another facet of personal care, Miessence provides the complete package for total hair care. Their hair care products will give you access to a range of healthy hair packs, soft and luxuriant shampoos as well as healthy nourishing conditioners. They also offer hair repair and hair styling products that can rectify all the damage that hair goes through to keep it looking fresh all day.


Their collection of refreshing deodorants will help you stay fresh and invigorated throughout your day. Whether you are always on the move, have an active lifestyle, sit at an office desk or are a busy home maker, they have a deodorant for your lifestyle to help you feel clean and confident wherever you are. If a scented deodorant is not your option, try their aroma free roll on deodorant. All deodorising products are free from chemicals providing a more natural alternative.

Oral Care

To maintain fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums without health compromising fluorides, aluminium, artificial sweeteners or detergents try their all natural selection of toothpastes and mouthwashes. Their oral care products are free of artificial colors and flavorings and are empowered with the natural cleaning power of bicarbonate of soda.
Body Care

For a complete cleansing experience take a look at their amazing collection of all natural body care products and body packs. Everything from scrub packs, body washes, cleansing bars, hand soaps, body sprays, creams, balms and powders is featured in this category.  Once again, all products are made from pure, natural ingredients helping you to thoroughly cleanse, hydrate, revitalise and protect your body.


With their cosmetic products, beauty is so much more than skin deep for customers. The Miessence cosmetic experience will help you beautify yourself not only from the outside but also nourish your skin from the inside. Using a blend of nourishing fruit oils, botanical waxes and mineral pigments their cosmetic products offer none of the harsh effects of using conventional makeup. Instead enjoy the sheer luxury of using makeup options considered suitable and safe for all skin types and choose from an exciting array of colors and hues to compliment your chosen look. 

Home Care

For the environmentally conscious, nothing can be better than choosing from their biodegradable home care products. Carefully manufactured, all products feature ultra-mild ecological cleaners that are environmentally friendly and devoid of any toxic ingredients. Enjoy cleaning your home with their range of non-toxic certified organic home care products.

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