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Take a look at the world’s first certified organic skin care range and you will come across the brand known as Miessence Certified Organics.

The company uses only 100% natural and organic ingredients, ingredients so pure you can eat them. Learn more about these on my blog.

All products manufactured under Miessence meet organic food standards and every ingredient in every product is beneficial to you and your body.

Keeping in tradition with the Miessence philosophy of keeping everything natural and pure, all ingredients used are unaltered by heat or synthetic emulsifiers. Instead the process uses cold formulation to keep contents unadulterated. Ingredients are extracted and processed with no harmful chemical process used.

Products are manufactured fresh every 30 days and to preserve maximum freshness, orders are shipped directly to the customers, shortly after manufacturing. The quick delivery schedule ensures that consumers are getting what they ordered at its best.

Miessence is the world’s first organic certified skin care range. They have the seal of approval (USDA organic and Australian certified organic seals). This criteria is a promise to their consumers that only certification can guarantee that truly certified organic ingredients are used during manufacturing and only certified organic products can bear a certifiers logo.

Derived from all natural ingredients, Miessence products are good for you and the environment.

These products support vibrant health, total well-being and true beauty and can become the first stepping stone in your journey towards true health and beauty.

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—» If you are interested in Joining my Miessence Team and Start your Own Home Based Business


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