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FAST Weight Loss Superfood


There are a number of ways to lose weight fast, but most of them will likely leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. And the end result is giving up on your weight loss goals easily. To proceed successfully with your weight loss plan, you need a system that will not only reduce your appetite but also improve your metabolic health at the same time.

This is where a product like the Miessence FAST Weight Loss Superfood comes in handy. Fast is a weight loss formula available in the form of a protein shake. It is a certified organic, prebiotic fiber supplement. FAST also acts as a green, alkalising supplement that has liver and colon cleansing benefits. Plus, it has all the features of a super antioxidant, energy drink.

How does FAST work?

The science behind FAST comes from the practice of fasting. Traditionally, fasting means to abstain from all food and drink except water. It is a practice which not only rests the digestive system but also allows for cleansing and detoxification of the body. When fasting, the body gets cleansed of toxins and impurities and also makes you more aware of your eating habits and triggers.

In the same spirit, FAST is a modified fast, or detox diet that offers these same benefits paired with fast, effective and healthy weight loss. The product is a nutritionally supported fast for sustained weight loss without the usual hunger. It promises to help you lose 3 kilos or 6 pounds in 3 days, making you feel lighter, clearer, more energised and refreshed on the 4th day!

What is in FAST?

All ingredients using the FAST Weight Loss Superfood are certified organic. Together these ingredients provide the following features:

  • Protein Blend: Protein is most effective in regulating the appetite and promoting weight loss. Because proteins take more energy to digest, you burn more calories after taking a meal high in proteins.
  • Prebiotic Fiber Blend: A blend of different ingredients in FAST supply an excellent source of insoluble fiber which helps movement through the colon. Others yielding soluble fiber aid the digestive system and prevent digestive disorders. Fiber also helps you keep feeling fuller longer.
  • Alkalising Greens Blend: A blend of different greens gives FAST its alkalising effect. These green juices act as a tonic and a source of energy.
  • Liver And Colon Cleansing Herbs: Taken from the finest selection of herbs, ingredients in FAST help cleanse the blood and purify the lymphatic system.

How to use FAST?

It is very simple to use FAST for effective and long term weight loss. Simply take 30 g or 3 tbsp. of FAST stirred into 250 ml of water 3 times a day for 3 days. Should you feel hungry during the day, opt for a glass of water instead. Many people do not realize it, but hunger pangs are often a sign of dehydration. The body usually mistakes this signal as a need for food. When drinking more fluids, remember to stay away from caffeinated drinks as these can increase restlessness and anxiety which can be difficult to deal with during a fast.

I tried Fast WeightLoss Superfood myself and lost 4.5 pounds. I mixed it with cold water and drank the mix with a glass straw. I also drank a lot of water during the three days and was not hungry. I will do the fast each season for sure.  I felt energized, mental clarity and more relaxed. I recommend this to anyone looking to improve their health and eating habits!

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