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Feed your Body Right for Optimal Health

To take better care of your health, all you need to do is to make smart dietary choices and ensure that you are getting all important nutrients in a good daily supply. Now this can be a tricky situation for some, trying to calculate how much they should eat of what but with the Miessence superfoods the challenge to eat better has never been easier.

Miessence offers a collection of three varieties in their superfoods category, all designed to help you include the necessary nutritional value into your daily eating. Working with probiotics, alkalisers and antioxidants, their superfoods will take care of all your health issues and work towards becoming a healthier you.

Here is what they have to offer:

Deep Green:

Derived from deep green leafy vegetables, algae and grass juice powder this group of superfoods helps balance the alkalising properties in the body. Alkalising is vital to restoring the body’s natural pH balance and preventing many diseases.

This superfood contains vital enzymes, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and alkalising minerals; 3 blue-green algae, 4 leafy green vegetables and 5 green grass juices which are 100% raw, vegan and certified organic.

Deep Green nutrients are good for the brain, bones and heart and help prevent disease. In addition they detoxify and alkalise body cells, boost the immune system and energise the body. Deep Green helps improve digestive problems, escalates recovery after exercise, stabilizes blood sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as reduces symptoms from allergies, and improves mental focus and clarity.

Taking 1 teaspoon of Deep Green is equivalent to over 60 ml of fresh green juices. It can be added to water or juice.


This superfood is especially formulated to reach the intestines and be beneficial. It is a probiotic superfood, that has been naturally fermented, is raw, organic and vegan. It contains 26 certified organic whole foods, 10 amino acids, 10 lactobacillus bacteria which have been associated with overall well-being and good health.

On their own probiotics assist in proper digestion of foods and can aid in preventing food allergies. They can also be helpful after antibiotic use, since antibiotics can destroy friendly gut bacteria. Supplementation with probiotics helps restore gut flora to a healthy balance.

All in all, the InLiven group of superfoods will improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, detoxify toxins and chemicals in gut, and reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Simply blend with juice or water, add to your favorite smoothie or sprinkle over breakfast cereal.


An antioxidant superfood, it provides the body with nutrition it needs to fight free radical damage caused by environmental and lifestyle stress. This may include counteracting the effects of free radicals in our bodies due to tobacco smoke, toxins, pollutants and poor eating habits.

Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables and help neutralise free radicals. Free radicals are believed to accelerate the progression of cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and age-related diseases.

BerryRadical can be used at the start of the day or in the afternoon to get energy. It can be taken as an alternative to hot chocolate or coffee by adding it to hot water or milk with sugar to taste. Or may be added to your favorite smoothie.

The Miessence superfoods can be purchased separately or in a collective Vitality Pack (comes as a pack of 3) at a discounted price. The Vitality Pack includes one pack of each superfood group and will incorporate all the missing nutrients into your diet.


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