Find your Skin Type


It’s important to know your skin type, to be able to pick the right skin products for your skin. Remember, no matter what skin type you have, it is important to follow a daily beauty routine. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin and remove your makeup before bed. It’s a must!

Normal Skin
· Skin with little imperfections or not at all
· Barely visible pores
· Balanced oil (sebum) production
· Bright and flawless complexion
· Hydrated and soft skin
· No skin problems are visible

Combination Skin
· Many people have combination skin.
· The center of the face, the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), has visible pores.
· The rest of the face especially the cheeks is where the skin is mostly dry.
· Humidity and heat make it oilier and cold and wind make it drier.
· Other factors include stress, pollution, eating habits and even hormonal changes.
· All these can affect your skin making it oilier or drier.

Oily Skin
· Skin ages less quickly because the dermis is thicker.
· Excess oil (sebum) production
· Pores are dilated
· Some people can have acne.
· It’s recommended that you cleanse your skin day and night to remove makeup and dirt.
· Use products that contain no alcohol and no soap.
· Use a clay mask at least twice a month to clarify the skin.
· Do not over cleanse your face during the day; it can make skin oilier.

Dry Skin
· Facial skin itches and sometimes peels on the forehead and cheeks.
· Extreme temperature changes, UV rays and wind can make skin dry.
· Skin is dehydrated
· Wear sunscreen all year round… it will help your skin greatly!
· Drink 1 liter and a half of water daily to help skin from the inside.
· Eat foods that contain essential fatty acids (almonds, walnuts, salmon…).
· Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.
· Avoid or reduce alcohol and coffee; they are known to dehydrate the body.

Mature Skin
· After the age of 50, skin changes. Hormonal changes are the cause.
· Skin is drier and thinner
· Wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin start to show.
· Cells produce less collagen and skin is not as firm.
· Apply a creamy moisturizer daily.
· Before bed, apply a serum and night cream. This will help the skin repair itself during sleep.
· Wear sunscreen daily; sun rays are the number 1 reason skin ages quickly!

Sensitive Skin
· Sensitive skin cannot tolerate the sun, cold, wind and pollution very well.
· Flushing, sensation of burning, itching or tingling, redness
· Skin is prone to rosacea or eczema
· Avoid products with chemical ingredients that can make your skin worst.
· Avoid AHA’s, retinol and products that contain alcohol.
· Use a mild scrub for the face or even a homemade beauty mask.
· Wear sunscreen as much as possible.
· Reduce stress, alcohol and smoking.
· Do not eat spicy foods; these can aggravate skin.

I hope this article has helped you determine your skin type.