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Hand Care Without the Chemicals

Conventional hand care products are full of ingredients that are considered synthetic in nature and harmful after long term continued use. And while hand creams, lotions and soaps may provide temporary relief especially from environmental effects, they do more harm in the long term. Long term continuous use of such commercial products can easily lead to chemical dependency.

Toxic ingredients in such products can further cause skin dryness and skin irritation making users use the product even more.

To find true relief from dry, itchy skin consider Miessence’s range of hand care products. All products are made from authentic botanicals that possess skin boosting, hydrating and softening properties and can be counted upon to provide long term relief without any harsh effects.

Nourishing Hand Cream:

To treat dry, chapped skin, use the Miessence Nourishing Hand Cream with its natural antioxidants to deal with environmental stress. The cream absorbs quickly without leaving skin greasy, and comes with the sweet smell of roses.

Foaming Hand Soap:

Naturally free of synthetic chemicals and detergents, the Miessence Foaming Hand Soap is a choice product to have on hand. Its smooth creamy texture makes the hand washing experience a luxurious one, even for kids. Ingredients like lemon myrtle essential oil and saponified plant oils makes hand washing a gentle and quick experience.

Hand Soap Concentrate:

The Miessence Hand Soap Concentrate is designed to work with the Miessence refillable foaming hand dispenser. The soap concentrate provides 10 refills for the Miessence foaming hand soap dispenser and is an economical solution to keeping extra soap concentrate on hand. 


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