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How Safe is your Deodorant?

All Miessence deodorants are free of any chemical or synthetic ingredients, using only all natural and pure botanicals to provide day long freshness. The Miessence collection of deodorants does not use any chemical antiperspirants or aluminum compounds that are used in conventional deodorants.

Toxins used in conventional deodorants have been linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer in women and men respectively. Moreover a common ingredient in most deodorants, aluminum is used to block sweat from escaping.  At the same time using aluminum has also been associated with the growing risk of breast cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease. The greatest danger lies in these toxins being absorbed by the skin and upsetting hormonal balances in users.

Miessence roll on deodorants on the other hand use the all-natural help of bicarbonate of soda to eliminate odors and the soothing properties of aloe vera to calm the skin. Miessence roll on deodorants are available in three different varieties of Ancient Spice, Tahitian Breeze and aroma free.

The Ancient Spice roll on deodorant uses the captivating scents of ancient oils and spices to scent the product while Tahitian Breeze relies on a blend of floral and citrus aromas to feel rejuvenated and fresh all day long.

But for those who may be sensitive to scents or may prefer aroma free products the Miessence aroma free deodorant is the perfect option.

It is safe to use these products as required.

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