How to Get Rid of Acne Eating the Right Foods


Stress can affect many aspects of daily life without us even realizing so. For instance, stress can lead to interrupted sleep patterns, indulging in binging unwanted amounts of food and dampen our mood.

As one of the consequences of stress, we often eat poorly choosing unhealthy comfort foods over healthier choices. Making bad food choices is a sure way to trigger inflammation which can affect the way your skin looks.

Inflammation takes a lot away from a healthy complexion. When we gorge down greasy and sugary comfort foods, the skin is one of the first areas where results can be seen.

Breakouts can develop rapidly while skin loses its luster and resilience. To prevent bad eating habits from affecting our skin’s appearance, we need to monitor what we eat carefully as well as adapt healthier lifestyle habits.

Make it a habit to follow a good, healthy nutrient based diet.

Stick with real and fresh foods rather than the processed and refined type. One strong suggestion for people suffering from skin irritations is to avoid cow’s milk. Studies have shown that hormones present in milk may have a link to acne breakouts. Instead substitute cow’s milk with almond milk. I have done it myself, and have seen incredible results!

To minimize stress, it is also important to get between 7-8 hours of sleep, so that the skin and the body can awaken refreshed.

Consider not only eating habits and lifestyle, but also your age as some women can suffer from acne later on in life.

Sometimes it can also be caused by an allergy to a certain kind of protein; when people cannot digest something, its effects shows up on their skin! Try to reduce your gluten (pasta, bread, pastries) consumption for a week and see if it makes a difference on your face and body.

Topical treatments for skin problems address only the symptoms, not the real cause. This practice can only reduce symptoms instead of fixing the problem itself.

To address the problem of acne and prevent future breakouts try skin friendly foods like nuts and flax seeds, olive oil, avocados, fresh veggies and green tea.

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