How We Are Controlled by the Food Industry - Change My Eating Habits

How We Are Controlled by the Food Industry


Have you ever felt a sudden urge to eat foods loaded with salt, sugar, and fat? Like how you feel like the world is about to end without these foods passing through your mouth?

One look at the left aisle of a grocery store, you could see something sweet; in the middle, salty; in the right aisle, fatty. Everywhere you look, everything you believe you need is all in one place, and the only thing left to be done to fill that insatiable taste for those foods is to check them out of the counter.

But did you know, the number one cause of death, bumping tobacco and cigarette smoking to number two spot is the kind of diet that we have.

Physical inactivity or lack of exercise, vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption all ranked below diet.

With processed foods rampant in every aisle of every grocery store, little do we know that all these contribute to millions of deaths every year.

Confusion and misinformation are just how the industry wants it.

In magazines, they could print out an article telling you that this thing is great for you and the next, it is not; these sell a lot of copies but in reality, sell people short.

Usually, hearing good news about bad habits piques our interests but not so much in knowing a particular thing being good for you and clarifying why it is.

The processed food industry is a trillion-dollar industry, and all have one thing in common, longer food shelf life; this is why people prefer processed foods over natural foods found in the local market because produce like fruits and vegetables are perishable. They easily rot on shelves, while pre-packed junk products don’t because they last for a couple of weeks.

An example of which is big corporations selling soft drinks, which use water and artificially cheap sugar.  These soft drinks only cost a few pennies to make but are being sold for a few bucks a bottle. With continuous sales, it generates thousands of dollars of profits for shareholders. Looking at it on a different angle, this kind of system rewards companies by selling people junk.

As Dr. Michael Greger has put it, the information is there, but unfortunately lost in this cloud of influence and this is why you need to take control over your lives as well as your families’ health and take back your taste buds from the very same industry that’s ruining people’s lives.

Changing your eating habits takes dedication and perseverance. It is true that switching from fatty salty foods to healthy natural ones will not taste good because you have grown accustomed to the latter’s taste but over time, your taste buds will naturally evolve, and without even knowing it, you will prefer food with less salt and artificial sugar, and feel better both internally and externally.



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