Jason Wrobel Explains Depression


Feeling sad is normal to people. It is caused by different life events such as loss of a family member or being fired from the job you love. But when the normal feeling of sadness becomes intense and lasts for weeks, it may be something more serious.

If you feel worthless and hopeless, and it’s hard for you to live your life the way you normally would, you could be suffering from clinical depression. This medical condition is treatable; however, many people find it hard to admit or share that they suffer from depression.

Last year, 16 million people in the United States have had one major depressive experience. Depression can lead to a more serious, catastrophic episode which is suicide. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people aged 15 – 24, and 10th for adults. It’s also one factor that lessens life expectancy, reducing it by 25 years.

All people go through different phases of sadness, but why can’t the others overcome this phase? Why are they stuck in the dark and painful moment? Several reasons can be due to how they take care of their nutrition, mental, and spiritual health.

Some people just simply take anti-depressants when they feel low. They can’t be blamed because even if they go to a doctor, the doctor will probably just recommend doing the same thing. It must be understood that healing depression is a long-term process, which means it’s vital to treat this condition in a holistic approach.

Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers of the brain.  Neurotransmitters impairment is caused by prolonged stress. Even if you are eating healthy or you exercise regularly, but you’re stressed, you’re slowly being eaten by depression.

Due to this serious problem, many want to know what are the natural depression solutions. Some simple ways to get yourself out of the dark is meditation, eating healthy, and taking the right supplements.

When you’re depressed, your mind doesn’t have the motivation to accomplish things. You feel worthless, and you feel bad about yourself. To fight this, set daily goals. Start with the small ones like simply doing the laundry, or cleaning your room. This will make you feel accomplished and valuable. All of these things must be done every day. And the only way for you to do these is to make healing your number one priority.

Get yourself out of the isolation, and talk to people. This isn’t something to be ashamed of. More than you know, these people are the ones willing more than ever to help you. They have the greatest support and love for you. These people could also be suffering with the same condition, and you opening up to them can also save them. It will give them the avenue to share what they’re going through. Having a sense of community and belongingness is the most important part of healing.

If you think you are battling with depression, try to open up with people. Ask them for advice and spend more time with them. This way, you know that someone right there shares your burden. Eventually, without you knowing, you’re out of the dark room.

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