Meal Planning Tips for Beginners


In today’s busy lifestyle, meal planning can seem like an impossible task. It’s just one more thing you need to add to your already busy schedule. So, it’s normal that you won’t necessarily have the time or energy to meal plan.

However, one thing that people often don’t realize is that meal planning ultimately saves time and money. Taking that one day a week to plan your meals is hugely beneficial. It avoids you stressing over what to cook for dinner and buying ingredients that you ultimately won’t be using that week which can go bad or having to do several errands during the week at the grocery store because you’re missing key ingredients that you didn’t realize you would need.

Taking that one hour, one hour and a half, a week to plan your meals is a great way to save on money and time. It’s also healthier since you won’t be stuck ordering take out or eating unhealthy products because you didn’t plan ahead for the week.

You also save on calories since instead of buying processed foods which are more convenient, when your meal planning, you have time to get ingredients that are healthier and natural.

By meal planning, your selecting and choosing which ingredients you’re using in your recipes. You’re in control of what you eat and what you put in a food, which is a huge factor in weight loss. Since you’re in control of choosing the ingredients, you have the liberty of selecting ingredients that are healthier and organic.

The first step of meal planning is choosing the day that you will sit down and plan your meals for the upcoming week. Make sure it’s a time that’s convenient for you and that makes sense. Whether it’s the night before you do your grocery shopping or the morning of, you want to make sure you have enough time to plan ahead and really think about what you want to be eating during the week.

Once you’ve decided on what meals you will be cooking, you want to prepare your grocery list of the items that you’re missing. At this point, it’s crucial to do a quick inventory check of your pantry and refrigerator so you avoid buying ingredients you already have or assuming you have something when you don’t, which will avoid you going back to the grocery store again.

Meal prepping is a great way to start a healthy eating habit. It gives you the liberty to choosing healthy recipes and also puts you in control of your eating habits. With that in mind, make time to meal prep every week. Your wallet and health will thank you for it.

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