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meal planning

Eating Right the Real Plans Way

Whether you are a busy professional, a stay at home parent, or an immaculate home manager, you may still easily be stumped by the clichéd “What’s for dinner?” dilemma. And while cooking the meal itself is not so much of a problem, it is deciding on what to prepare for the meal that leaves many home cooks frustrated.

This is where a tool called Real Plans can come to your aid. Real Plans has been designed to help home cooks not only plan, organize and serve a variety of healthy meals, but also caters to many different eating styles.

What is Real Plans?

Real Plans advocates consuming real food. This means all their recipes emphasize the freshness and quality of the ingredients used and do not rely on processed, packaged foods. Instead there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables along with grass fed, pasture raised meats, wild caught seafood, and eggs from pasteurized hens.

Plus, meal planning with Real Plans comes with the convenience of customizing plans to fit any family’s size, schedule and dietary needs.

Options like traditional meal planning, or one that is gluten free and dairy free can be accessed. Other dieting options like paleo and vegetarian are also available with meal planning personalized to individual needs. Plus, if there are any allergies to worry about, Real Plans will give you lots of alternatives and ideas to steer clear of your triggers.

So whether you are cooking for yourself, your family or a party of twenty, take a look at what Real Plans has to offer!

How Does it Work?

Getting started on Real Plans is easy.

It simply requires you to tell Real Plans who you are and what you like to eat. Then, adjust your custom meals based on a weekly schedule. Since Real Plans also gives you access to a shopping list based on your menu, shop and get everything you need to prepare your week’s meals.

Finally, use Real Plans’ delicious recipes to prepare healthy, nourishing meals.

All recipes available come with the following perks:

  • Simple, delicious and easy to put together recipes
  • Kitchen tested and family approved
  • Access to over 1500 original recipes
  • Personalized weekly meal plans
  • Automatic shopping list
  • Adjustable portion sizes
  • Live chat support with Real Plans’ specialists
  • And if that is not enough, subscribers also get access to recipes from their favorite bloggers.

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How Much Does it Cost?

There is a subscription to get started which offers monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Choosing to pay monthly is charged at $14/month, quarterly at $11/month and annually at $6/month. All subscriptions are billed and renewed until cancelled. Subscribers can cancel at any time.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the service, Real Plans also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Remember that planning three meals a day can add up easily leaving you wanting for new and fresh meal ideas.

Instead, preparing homemade food becomes a cinch with Real Plans. With all the hard work done for you, you can now cook and enjoy your deliciously prepared food and improve your quality of life!

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meal planning