How Too Much Sugar Affects your Body


Refined sugars are one of the most toxic foods you can eat. Consuming refined sugars causes low and high energy, intense cravings, feelings of depression, anger, anxiety.

In addition, sugar is more addictive than cocaine so the more you eat, the more you will need to feel satisfied.

But addiction is not the only problem here. In fact, the problems go much deeper than that.

For starters, sugar is extremely dangerous as it drains the body of important vitamins and minerals. A heavy intake of sugar drains the body of important minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium during its digestion, detoxification and elimination from the body.

Daily doses of sugar also create an overly acidic environment in the body and more and more minerals are needed to correct this imbalance.

Excess sugar not only affects every organ in the body but the surplus eventually gets stored as fat deposits in the most inactive areas such as the belly, buttocks and thighs.

So, weight worries aside, too much sugar will also give you wrinkles, cause dark under eye circles, steal your nutrients as well as trigger digestive problems.

To keep these problems to the minimum you need to stay away from refined sugars in all its forms including agave, sucrose, fructose, lactose, molasses, fruit juice concentrates and of course, high fructose corn syrup.

Of these, high fructose corn syrup perhaps poses the greatest threat since it is an inexpensive and highly processed sweetener derived from corn. It is most often used in processed foods like soft drinks, breakfast cereals, cookies and a number of other baked goods. Given its cheap production costs, high fructose corn syrup is widely used by food manufacturers making foods more addictive for consumers without any concern for their health.

To lose weight fast and keep it off, your best bet would be to say no to sugar, as well as say no to artificial sweeteners.

But if you must use some, then opt for stevia which is a natural herb. It is available in powdered form, has zero calories and has been in use for hundreds of years.

Other natural sweeteners may be included in the diet but in moderation. Some of these can be raw coconut nectar, raw organic honey, pure organic maple syrup and small amounts of dried fruits like figs and dates.

Ditch refined sugar today to feel better, lose weight and look younger!