Oceans Alive- Reversing Bodily Breakdown


The health of the modern society is at an all-time high in terms of chronic diseases and inflammatory issues.

When cellular health is compromised, three things happen:

  • Cells do not have enough oxygen which means they cannot transfer oxygen. Low cellular oxygen levels translate into weak cells and chronic disease all exhibit low oxygen levels in cells.
  • Cells do not have enough voltage in them. The body stores voltage in the form of electrons which possess healing potential. Cells that cannot properly store voltage result in alkaline retardation.
  • There is insufficient material to duplicate the cells effectively. This point indicates the low oxygen and low voltage levels impair the cell’s ability to recreate more of its own kind and so cells start becoming unhealthy and compromising health.

Together these three indicators create alkaline retardation, never allowing the body to perform at its optimal best. In this state the body starts to advance towards what is commonly known as chronic diseases.

All chronic diseases occur when the body cannot make new cells. The causes of this malfunction can easily be traced to the processed foods that we eat, among other factors. Ingredients in modern foods cannot transfer oxygen or conduct electricity needed to function.

This is because oxygen is removed from foods to increase shelf life. As a result oxidative stress takes over and inflammation results. Low oxygen also impairs circulation and the immune system becomes overwhelmed and health breaks down.

Impaired bodies also tend to be highly acidic. Once again weak cellular respiration starts off this process.  The amount of oxygen in the cells is determined by the voltage of the cell.  A low voltage results in low oxygen which also means that low voltage equals high acidity.

AR results in the body using more electrons, than are available. If you can’t store electrons, your body will always be acidic. To store voltage in the cells, you need to repair and build new cell membranes. With low voltage, dormant microbes wake up and start taking over.

This process also starts making more toxins which result in infections and can cause autoimmune diseases.

These toxins steal cellular voltage and are found all around us such as in contaminants in tap water, processed foods, herbicides, air pollution, ocean contamination. Toxins create free radicals in the body resulting in oxidative stress.

The higher the oxidative stress the more the disease spreads and the greater the inflammation.

What is the solution?

The solution to this problem begins with creating healthy cell membranes, raising oxygen levels, increasing voltage, preventing oxidative stress, and restoring mineral count, nutrients and electrons.

There is an antioxidant to help maybe combat these issues is something called SOD or superoxide dismutase. However, it is not found significantly in the diet or in antioxidant supplements. Why? Because it’s destroyed by stomach acid via slow digestion. There are synthetic versions available but not recommended as synthetic versions may shutdown the body from producing its own.

SOD is found abundantly in marine phytoplankton which is more nutrient dense. These are microalgae that use photosynthesis to convert the sun’s energy into a self-birthing form.

Now this source of amazing energy and has been bottled into a product known as Oceans Alive. Oceans Alive is 100% contaminant free. You can place your order here and start claiming your health back by rejuvenating your body’s tired and worn out cells.