One in Five Americans Suffer from This


According to statistics, 20 percent of Americans experience mental issues every given year. Recent statistics also indicate that 16 million people have experienced one major depressive episode in the past year while 18.1 percent of American suffer from either OCD or PTSD or other specific phobias.

Mood disorders and suicide are also prevalent in our society today. Remember, suicide is the 10th leading cause of deaths of American adults and the second leading cause of death for the youth aged between 15 and 24 years of age. From these statistics, it may be prudent to look at what is going on in our society concerning our nutrition, our thoughts and of course our beliefs about ourselves.

There exists two ways of dealing with depression — either the medical way or the holistic way. The therapeutic approach involves pharmaceuticals and SSRI’s which have been the most common way. These days, the medical approaches to depression take short-cuts and are very expensive in the long-run.

There is also, the holistic approach. It focuses on the brain neurotransmissions. It is in the brain where functions like mood regulation and sex drive are conducted. The primary concern in the holistic approach is that some mood disorders in our body may be linked to the fact that some of our neurotransmitters are depleted. Causes of the depletion include prolonged chronic stress. Stress is a major cause of deaths globally.

Top Five Mood Boosters

It is essential to maintain a total body or brain balance in our lives. To achieve this, it is necessary to take a full blood panel test and conduct a neurotransmitter screening. The screening and tests can be done by the various holistic doctors across the country who perform the tests in their lab.

This holistic approach involves some gradual training and meditation. It entails eating healthy foods, spiritual support, conscious supplementation, avoiding isolation and daily meditation about your future. The fundamental step is to make your healing your number one priority in life. You should face the shame and fear, and get out there and ask for help by sharing your issues and you will be surprised to realize that the problem is not personal, it is universal.

The Natural Depression Solution

It is time people try living a healthier lifestyle. Constant stress, sub-optimal nutrition and genetic factors are also natural factors to look into. Note that there are natural substances for mood balance which are good.

It is wise that you also first try to get a picture of your brain chemistry. You should also observe your genetic features and changes and find out if you are deficient of some essential nutrients which can be contributing to your situation.