Plant-Based Diet: Benefits for Heart Health


With all kinds of sicknesses people of all ages’ experience, one major illness like heart disease could be associated synonymously by many, to death.

One patient of Dr. Joel Fuhrman who is in his early ’70s came up to him in the year 1994 with a triple-vessel disease, hypertension, and blood pressure that averaged 138/88 with maintenance medicines.

Come 22 years after, that very same patient of Dr. Fuhrman’s is alive and well. At 95 years old, he no longer has heart disease, no medications to worry about and his blood pressure is normal and averaged 120/75, and is thriving.

Undergoing angioplasty was the surgery that, that patient of his’ cardiologist recommended to be able to survive and lived through heart disease, but he did not go through that all because he followed a well-balanced plant-based diet for as long as he could.

Eating your green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds can help lower the glycemic effect of our diet because those foods are very low glycemic. By definition, glycemic is the presence of glucose in the blood. Another factor to consider is to exercise daily, even for at least 15 minutes.

As what Dr. Fuhrman said, aging does not create the disease. It is the kind of diet that we have that leaves effects on our body day after day. We age prematurely, and we age our blood vessels and create these diseases because we do the wrong thing over and over again. When we do the right thing over and over again, it goes the other direction no matter what age we are.