Plant-Based Online Cooking & Nutrition Course


Rouxbe is one of the leading culinary online schools known for offering quality nutritional and cooking courses. The school is registered with the Plantrician Project, a non-profit organization that works to develop tools, resources and educational events for clinicians and physicians.

The partnership has led to the creation of a tool to that is set to revolutionize health care, known as Culinary Rx.

This online tool focuses on instructional cooking and nutrition based education courses that will assist healthcare professionals to provide helpful instructions to their patients to attain a healthier lifestyle. The use of this tool can help transform patients’ lives and educate them to adopt a lifestyle that is based on a healthy diet.

This course will help people understand which foods are harmful and which are healthful. It is a guide to steer away from bad foods.

At a quick glance, the course is tailored to self-paced, online learning where students have access to instructional videos and instructor support. Students can complete the full course within 60 days to get their certificate.

The course is divided into 7 different units with each unit focusing on a certain aspect. The units are divided as follows:

Unit 1: Course Orientation

This unit provides an overall understanding of the course content and expectations. It also highlights basic objectives of the course and explains how assessments will be done.

Unit 2: Plant-based Nutrition 101

In this unit, an introduction to plant-based nutrition is given and the approaches to utilize it. It focuses on understanding food choices that include learning about different types of foods and where those food comes from.  An introduction to healthy habits, and understanding of nutritional requirements is also provided. The unit also discusses reading labels and the challenges people come across when doing so.

Unit 3: Getting started in the kitchen

This unit covers kitchen related aspects such as equipment that is needed and how to use it. It also touches upon selecting, handling and working with knives. Different knife cuts and dicing practice along with some plant based kitchen staples are also part of this unit.

Unit 4: Basic Cooking techniques Part 1

The first of two parts, this unit focuses on different cooking methods such as moist and dry cooking techniques. Students learn how to steam, sweat, sauté and roast vegetables. Plus, they get a chance to select and prepare salad greens along with salad dressings and vinaigrettes.

Unit 5: Basic cooking techniques Part 2

The second part focuses on cooking foods such as rice, whole grains, and dried legumes. One component of this unit deals with batch cooking with all the basics of batch cooking, and also approaches meal stretching.

Unit 6: Course Assessment

This unit is all about preparing for the quiz and then taking the final course assessment.

Unit 7: Supplemental Recipes and Resources

This final unit in this course covers meal planning ideas and details on snacks and desserts.

End of unit 7 marks completion of the course.

I’m so excited to share this new online course with you. I think it will really help you move onto a path of better health!

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