Protect Yourself from Cell Phones & Wifi


As the world moved into the 21st century, it also moved towards advancements in technology. Nowadays, Wi-Fi routers and cell phones are a common sight. These facilities may be aiding communication but at the same time, they are also exposing you to harmful EMF radiation. Radiation is not visible by the common eye, which is why people might not understand the hazard.

However, the hazard is so intense that most European countries have recommended banning Wi-Fi routers in schools to protect their children from these invasive EMFs. The intensity of damage from an hour of exposure to these rays is equivalent to that from 1600 chest X-rays. This exposure incurs DNA damage and is believe to be the precursor of carcinogenic cell formation.

Hazards of EMFs

Hazards of EMFs have been studied and found by institutes all around the world. These institutes include Yale University, Harvard University and the American Academy of Pediatrics Consumer Reports. Individual studies were conducted in 39 countries around the globe and 190 researchers found EMFs to be harmful for life.

It was found through research that exposure to EMFs accelerates the process of deterioration in the body. Research also indicates that EMFs are the root cause of chronic fatigue, depression and poor sleep. As a result, EMFs can cause anxiety and excessive use of mobile phones lead to oncoming of chronic pain.

Various Studies on EMFs

There have been 15 studies so far that show the role of EMFs in reducing slumber time. Dr. Martin Blank from the University of Columbia explained that exposure to EMFs leads to reduced melatonin production in the body. With decrease of melatonin, the person has poorer sleep and it also slows down the body’s natural healing processes.

After 2009, a series of 201 studies were conducted to determine the effect of EMFs on hormones. Exposure to EMFs was associated with hormonal fluctuation as it was found that these reduce sperm count in males. In case of females, it was found that EMFs also have negative effects on the uterine health and regulation of uterine hormones.

EMFs were also found to be responsible for mood swings, anxiety, excessive stress and irritability by researchers from Washington State University. Furthermore, they weaken the immune system and make the entry of pathogenic microbes easier in the circulation. EMF over-exposure is also associated with stunted mental growth and functioning since it exposes the brain to harmful toxins like heavy metals. Conclusively, the various hazards of EMFs can be summarized as:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Toxicogenic side effects
  • Gas and stomach problems
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Reduced sleep quality

What is the Solution?

Quite conveniently, the solution to most EMF problem lie in a book that goes by the name of ‘’ The Non Tin-Foil Guide to EMFs’’ by the author Nicolas Pineault .  It is a comprehensive guide to cutting down your EMF exposure and coming in contact with technology without harming your body. The book has been approved by Dr. Mercola, who verifies that this book contains all you need to know about your protection in the 21st century world filled with EMF-producing technology.

You can get the digital version for a very reasonable price! This is a minimal price to pay for something that can save you from many pricier treatments which you would have to undergo if situation got out of hand.

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