Rouxbe Plant Based Cooking Course


For people interested in plant-based culinary arts, the Rouxbe Plant Based Cooking Certification Course is a must as it focuses on everything you would need to know about plant-based cooking. Once enrolled in this course you will gain knowledge about a range of recipes as well as a flavor palette from around the globe.

This course can get you cooking straight away as it works with techniques related to cooking, vegetables, grains as well as dairy products. Besides providing cooking techniques, healthy recipes are provided such as cooking without the use of oil. Wellness menus are also provided that talk about health concerns.

Units 1 & 2

The course consists of 18 different units with the first unit explaining course outline and expectations. The second unit gets you ready to set up in the kitchen. It is a guide on how to manage the kitchen with the appropriate tools. The unit also focuses on plant-based choices and why it’s important to cook them.

Unit 3

Moving into the third unit introduces students to knife handling and knife cuts along with a focus on safety.

Units 4 & 5

The next two units are all about basic cooking methods. The first of the two talks about various cooking methods and preserving vegetables for health purposes. The second deals with dry heat cooking methods including sautéing, sweating and roasting to help build flavor into meals.

Unit 6

This unit is all about efficient planning solutions to eat healthily and stocking foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Unit 7

Building on what you have learnt so far, this unit lists down healthy plant-based choices that provide healthy recipes and techniques result in creating mouth-watering breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.

Unit 8

This unit is all about flavor combinations, texture manipulation and how to make food attractive during presentation.

Units 9-11

This set of units deals with plant-based staples while also learning about suitable alternatives to meat and dairy. Students learn how to put together healthy plant based menus that cater adequately to their nutritional requirements.

Students also learn how to prepare fresh pasta and Asian noodles and find out about different cooking methods related to pasta making.

Unit 12 & 13

This unit focuses on healthy cooking by instructing how to make food without the use of oil and provides tricks that can help reduce sodium content. The next one tackles health considerations by providing diet plans and advises which foods to consume and which to avoid.

Units 14 & 15

The first of the two introduces you to eating gluten-free while the second talks about the preparation of raw plant-based cuisine.

Units 16 and 17

Unit 16 introduces students to different flavors from around the world while learning about plant-based spices that come from different regions. Unit 17 utilizes previously learned techniques and recipes to create a tasty menu.

Unit 18

This unit marks the end of the course in which students will give a final assessment on all that they have learned during this amazing course.

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