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Sensitive Skin Care Products

Sensitive skin is inclined to be thin and delicate with fine pores. There may also be surface capillaries visible and skin can easily feel irritated, itchy and hot.

People with sensitive skin can have more allergic reactions to cosmetic and skin care products than others with a different skin type. As a result, skin can often appear blotchy and flushed.

And because the skin is easily irritable, the best course is to avoid certain ingredients. This makes taking care of sensitive skin a tricky issue. Only ingredients that are non-aggressive without any harsh effects should be used on sensitive skin. Ideally products should be mild without any synthetic components.

The Miessence solution to treating sensitive skin issues correctly lies in their Soothing Skin Essentials Pack. The Soothing Skin Essentials Pack is especially formulated for sensitive skin types so that users do not experience any of the harsh effects associated with many other commercially manufactured skin care products.

The Soothing Essentials Pack uses gentle organic botanicals like organic bergamot, chamomile, organic herb and flower extracts to soothe and calm sensitive skin. The Soothing Cleanser helps cleanse, relieve and soften skin and prepare it for the full cleansing experience, complete with conditioning and moisturising.

The Soothing Skin Conditioner uses essential oils and chamomile to soothe chapped skin and keep it soft. For best results use the cleanser and conditioner with the Soothing Skin Moisturiser that will make sure to retain moisture in the skin once the cleansing experience has been completed.

The Soothing Moisturiser’s protective properties ensure that skin is restored, repaired and hydrated thoroughly preventing daily damage from exposure to the elements.


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