Short Film can turn any Meat Eater into a Vegan within Minutes


This powerful and impactful short film called Casa de Carne won the first place Tarshis Short Film award at the 2019 Animal Film Festival. The film was produced by a non-profit organization called the Last Chance for animals.

The film is two minutes long and is set in a fictional restaurant, which roughly translates the term “casa de carne” as the “Meat house” where diners are required to slaughter animals to prepare their own meals.

In the film, the leading man, Eric, goes out to eat with a bunch of his friends, after ordering his ribs. The plot is then revealed because he is escorted to the back of the restaurant where he is given a knife. He is brought to a room with the pig that he is supposedly required to slaughter.

Un-surprisingly, Eric develops a soft heart and is unable to hurt the pig and in fact pets the animal instead. Although we all want to think that’s the end of it, it doesn’t stop the chefs however from slaughtering the pig on his behalf which raises the important questions about our food choices and our personal responsibilities.

Short but meaningful, the film not only brings the audience to a sudden stop, but it also leaves the viewers with a question: “What if I had to slaughter an animal in order to eat my meal?”

The film also highlights that we all have a disconnection between the food that we eat and the animals that have been slaughtered to prepare it. If you tried this yourself, and you had to slaughter an animal, we are certain that you wouldn’t get to do it.  We all love animals, and having to eat one makes it heavy on the hearts of many.

Without a doubt, watching a film that is about the rights of animals or veganism is one of the top reasons why most people decide to turn vegetarians in the first place.

So, why invite those vegetarian curious folks in your life to watch this film? Because it holds a lot of value and of course will make the decision easier on everyone.

If you are one of those people prepared to make the change for not only the animals that you love but for your health and well-being ad the planet, you can watch the short film here.

Of course, not everyone will be able to make this decision right away, however, when you feel that you are ready to make the change, you can make small changes to your diet.

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