The Food we are Designed to Eat


Humans and animals have specific diets for them to be able to thrive longest and in the best possible way and to do so, the kind of food intake plays a crucial role.

According to Dr. John McDougall, people are designed to live on a starch diet. Majority of the Asians live on rice, the same way for people of New Guinea with sweet potatoes, plain potatoes for Chilean and Peruvians, and corns for the Indians, which makes starch as the center of their meal plans.

His early experience as a plantation doctor in Hawaii made him believe that those patients of his who are from various Asian countries like the Philippines, Japan, and China, the first-generation people, had a diet of mainly rice and vegetables and brought it with them to Hawaii. The second generation were the kids that the first-generation group had who learned more about the American diet, and grandkids, being the third, were fully Americanized.

Observing the three generations, the first one lived primarily on rice and vegetable with little meat and no dairy consumption was active, and not suffering various kinds of chronic illnesses and are active in the 80s and 90s. The second generation who lessened starch and vegetable consumption and ate more of the rich diet like animal and dairy products became a little heavier and sicker, and the grandkids, overweight and a whole lot sicker, which taught him that a starch-centered diet is not as bad as a meat and dairy-centered diet.

In his words, people’s health and personal appearance depend upon the composition of foods that are on their plate. Meat, dairy products, and other foods loaded with fat and sugar that goes into your body take a certain characteristic appearance similar to the composition of the food you take in.

In today’s time where foods rich in fat, calories, proteins, and carbohydrates are prevalent, it is understandable that avoiding these foods altogether in one go and in an instant is impossible, especially when not only it is seen in every magazine and commercial ads, it is available in every grocery aisle and is almost within your reach.

But to decrease the continuous rise of obesity and chronic illnesses, change must start within yourself and realistically speaking, beginning with moderation is the key to slowly lessen your consumption of this kind of junk food your body does not need. With consistency, strong will and determination, you have unknowingly limited yourself to eating them and have avoided them entirely.