The Secret to Losing Weight


It’s no secret that only a small percentage of people from all over the world were able to live for about a hundred years old. But what is the secret to living over a hundred?

To achieve and maintain optimal weight and health is by eating healthy food.

The most critical and basic foundational science of human longevity is consuming food that has the right amount and type of nutrients that our body needs.

One instance told by Dr. Joel Fuhrman to prove that eating a healthy snack lessens unhealthy calorie intake is when you find yourself in a buffet situation and you were given an apple to munch on, the calorie of the said fruit will make you eat less than the amount of the calorie of food you were supposed to eat.

That apple, loaded with fiber and nutrients, which is also a low glycemic load food, slowly enters our bloodstream; as opposed to a high glycemic load food that have no significant micronutrient load and fiber such as cakes, which makes us hungrier and consume twice the amount of the food that we are supposed to eat, therefore, overeating calories.

Consuming micronutrient-dense foods suppresses appetite, while the more empty calories you take, the more diluted the micronutrient density of our diets is and feel hungrier.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has come up with a Health Equation to represent the principle of the Nutritarian Diet, and that is H=N/C or Health Expectancy = Nutrients/Calories which determines our lifespan and healthy life expectancy. The formula above means a person must have a kind of diet that is high nutrient per calorie density, or high amount of micronutrients per macronutrients.

To summarize, eating nutrient-dense food is the secret to dropping extra pounds and raises your chance to live longer and doing otherwise, the empty calories and little to no nutrients consumption can shorten our lifespan.