Top 10 Antioxidants Foods for Younger Skin


A variety of fruits and vegetables have nutrients with skin benefiting properties that can assist with skin care and repair. Helpful nutrients and antioxidants can protect the skin from internal and external damage and promote self-repair when needed.

Some of the best choices for antioxidant nutrition of the skin include the following.


Blueberries are full of skin conditioning antioxidants, keeping skin looking young and fresh.


Another berry that can fight the signs of aging, blackberries are great for improving the skin’s appearance and can help protect cells from damage.


An antioxidant packed leafy green, kale is a good source of vitamin C which produces collagen to prevent skin damage and retain its suppleness.


Another storehouse of vitamin C, strawberries provide anti-aging help by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing issues of dry skin.


Containing important vitamins and minerals, spinach can help relieve itchy, dry skin and improve skin quality.


Like strawberries, raspberries also can help protect skin from signs of aging. Antioxidants in raspberries slow the aging process while keeping it glowing and resilient.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts contain beta carotene and vitamins A and C, all of which are needed for maintaining young looking skin.


Containing a heavy dose of antioxidants, plums are great for the skin. Eating plums helps fight cell damage caused by free radicals.


Vitamins C and E in broccoli give this vegetable its skin improving qualities.


Beets are a good source of vitamin A which helps maintain healthy skin.

For maximum nutritional benefit, fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw so that they can assist with nutrient absorption.

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