Top 5 Mood-Boosters That Will Blow Your Mind


Perhaps you are going through a lot in life. You see the stress and isolation you are facing is affecting you greatly. It affects your family, friends among other people in your life.

Here are 5 top mood boosters to help you out:

  1. Stress Neurotransmitter Screening

Stress and depression affect the production of powerful chemicals that control your emotions. Therefore, getting full blood tests and screening of neurotransmitters will help you to understand yourself well and help you adopt ways to improve your mood and stress.

Some of the most important neurotransmitters to screen for include:

  • Serotonin: relaxes and calms your soul
  • Endorphin: reduces the impact of stress
  • Dopamine: controls mood and makes your body pleasurable
  • GABA: controls your level of anxiety
  1. Eating a Balanced Diet

Food and natural herbs contain minerals and vitamins, and they help in improving mood. For instance, vitamin B and omega- 3 found in green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fish (sardines, salmon) are vital for brain functions and production of neurotransmitters.

Moreover, you can use supplements to help you recover deficient vitamins and minerals. Always strive to eat a balanced diet. It can help you fight your mood swings.

  1. Exercises

Training and weight management can also save you from stress and mood issues. They keep your brain on toes and help revert your emotional response to stressing encounters. Also, exercises like squats, rope jumping, running and jogging can help you forget about the things that are happening in your life. Would that be a good thing?

Your healing process should never leave out exercises. They help you to adopt a peaceful coexistence and a calm response to stress and depression.

  1. Meditation

It’s one of the best healing practices you can use to deal with stress and depression. It involves seating in a silent room and relaxing your brain. Meditation takes you to a deep quiet rest and makes you forget about everything affecting you. It evokes a true connection with one’s self. It fills you with love, happiness, compassion, peace and helps boost your mood.

  1. Psycho-Spiritual Support

This is the social and spiritual support you receive from close family members, pastor and friends. During stressing times, be close with your family members. Praying a lot can also make you to reflect on yourself and religious teachings. And it can help you to approach life in a different way and perspective.

The above healing practices can effectively boost your mood and reduce stress. They make your body to feel more relaxed and at peace. Moreover, they help you to cope with stress and feeling of guilt.