Upaya Naturals – Online Raw Vegan Health Store Review


Upaya Naturals is a large online store that carries everything from raw vegan foods to pet care products enabling their customers to live a natural, holistic and healthy lifestyle.

The store sells all items required for starting, transitioning or maintaining a vegan, raw, allergen-free lifestyle.

Here is a look at what the store has to offer:

Raw Vegan Food

Raw vegan foods consist of uncooked vegan foods that are unprocessed and not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit, since foods exposed to temperatures higher than this not only lose their enzymes but a lot of nutritional value as well.

Upaya naturals offers a number of raw vegan food options ranging from raw salad dressings, superfoods, protein powders to fermented foods, water kefir grains, sea vegetables and algae among many others.

Kitchen appliances

Since the raw, vegan dietary style is different from traditional cooking techniques, Upaya Naturals carries a vast assortment of kitchen appliance and accessories to facilitate the preparation of raw vegan foods.

You can find everything from juicers, dehydrators, blenders and food processors to yogurt makers, water filters and nut milk machines to prep all your favorite foods and get the most of your raw vegan food experience.


Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine practice that involves the use of volatile plant materials known as essential oils. Inhalation of these essential oils has been long been used to improve mood, relax tense muscles, overcome fatigue, improve energy levels and eliminate depression among many other benefits.

Upaya Naturals has a comprehensive collection of essential oils, carrier oils, herbal distillates and vaporizer oils along with anything else needed for successful aromatherapy.

Books/ DVDs

The store also has a wide collection of books and DVDs available for readers and viewers alike. Whether you tend to follow a raw vegan diet, want to explore spiritual nutrition or are looking for specific organic food benefits, Upaya naturals has something for everyone.

You can choose books or DVDs categorized by authors, ingredients, health benefits, food types and even pet care for your indulgence. Whether you want to focus on your personal health or are looking to get information specific to children’s health, you will find the right reading or viewing materials based on your needs.

Water filters

Just as the quality of food you eat impacts your health, so does the quality of water you drink. Filtered water is a safe choice since filtering effectively removes dangerous contaminants from drinking water.

Upaya Naturals carries a variety of water filters and BPA filtration systems that can be installed at home to ensure that you get access to better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine, lead, and other bacterial contaminants.

Pet care

If you are one to follow a natural, holistic lifestyle, chances are that you would like the same for your pet as well. Good news is that now you can shop for yourself and your pet at the same location where everything natural is available.

Upaya Naturals carries pet care products along with a line of comprehensive high quality, pesticide-free and plant based nutrition for your pets.

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