Update on the Sad Diet


Standard American Diet, or as to how Dr. Joel Fuhrman put it, DAD Diet or the Deadly American Diet, is consuming more than 50% of calories from processed food that contains no vital micronutrients.

But what is the Standard American Diet?

– 54% of America’s calories come from processed food (soft drinks, packaged food like chips, desserts, etc.)

– 32% comes from animal products

– 11% vegetables, fruit, nuts, and beans

– 4% whole grains

Many people consume products that are fast-food. Fast-foods are not limited to foods bought at restaurants; they are usually in a pack, easily accessible, ready-made and eaten right away.

To further understand what fast-foods exactly are, here are some of the things to look out for:

  1. Digested and absorbed rapidly
  2. Multiple synthetic ingredients
  3. Calorically dense
  4. Nutritionally barren
  5. Highly flavored
  6. High in salt and pepper

It is important to remember that all packaged foods and animal-derived products do not contain essential nutrients our bodies need. Junk food may sound tempting but with every bite of it can shorten your lifespan.