What’s Killing People Quicker than Fast Food?


In every city imaginable, fast-food chains are sprouting like mushrooms, almost all having drive-thrus for those in a hurry to get their fill while traveling.

Food served quickly is every fast-food restaurant’s top priority.  It is often cheaper than home-cooked or restaurant-prepared meals because it caters more towards speed and low prices than the quality or its nutritional value.

But other than the fact that we have a lot of environmental stressors, a wide array of unhealthy nutrition-lacking food in the market, what exactly is killing people quicker than fast-food?


There are a lot of contributing factors as to why people are stressed. It may be because of personal issues, family, friends, relationships, work, or among other different things.

We are living in a world where most people are either in a fight or flight mode. And no one can be blamed for being so.

There could be nothing to be stressed about, but still, you could feel stressed.

One thing to consider when feeling certain mood disorders that are intense is to look if there are any, some, many, or all of our neurotransmitters that have specific biological functions for our body, are depleted; and by going to a neurotransmitter screening, it helps identify if there are any chemical imbalances in our body.

It may seem embarrassing to admit that we need to have ourselves checked for such because there is a shame concerning mental health issues but without having ourselves checked, no problem could be addressed and fixed.

Getting a clearer picture as to what is going with our neurotransmitter function allows us to address the issue as accurately as possible.

The question you might be asking is, what causes neurotransmitter depletion?

Not even those who eat healthily, meditate and pray on a daily basis could spare those who experience stress and chemical imbalances because genetics could also play a role in mood disorders.

With so many varieties of pills addressing different kinds of sicknesses, how do we know if what we find on the drugstore shelves is the one for us when we do not know what is going on with our brain chemistry?

To understand more about mood and emotional health, watch the video.


It is crucial to remember that medicine and vitamins are not a one size fits all. Before it has to be prescribed by a certified doctor, tests have to be run first for them to be able to diagnose and prescribe what our body exactly needs.

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