Why Everyone Should Eat More Plants


Eating a plant-based diet simply means eating more plants. In fact, experts suggests that this style of eating is so much more than a diet; it is a lifestyle change that can give you not just a short-term schedule of healthy eating but a lifetime of better health.


For anyone, no matter where they are, including more plants into their diet is always possible. Plus, plants are always available no matter where you are.

So implementing a plant-based diet means making sure that you have the right ingredients stocked in your kitchen when starting.

The must haves of the diet include plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, beans, healthy oils and a variety of nuts and seeds. All these and other food ideas will be discussed in greater detail on this blog.

Now this transition to plant-based eating is all about your personal approach (with a few tips from the experts) as well as about how you may want it to happen. This includes how you wish to eat better, as well as how you wish to feel better and live better.


To get started, you need to equip yourself with some basic facts and background knowledge about this eating style. This information can then help you stay focused and motivated about your diet and also help you maintain it.

Some ideas to increase your understanding about the plant-based way of eating can include reading books,on plant-based living. There are also videos available that you can view to expand your awareness as well as talk to people who may already be eating this way. I share some of my favorite books and videos on this blog!

The ultimate goal is to add more plant-based foods and eventually choosing these, whenever possible.

However, most people will likely have a transitional phase where they can start to phase out other non-plant based foods (junk food) from their diet and begin to focus on all the great whole foods that we will talk about in the next blog posts.

Are you excited to find out more?

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