Why Turmeric Is One of the Most Powerful Foods on the Planet


Liposomal Organic Turmeric Extract

Turmeric is no doubt one of the most well-known, potent foods available.

It offers a number of health benefits for its users. Regular use of turmeric in the diet can help improve detoxification on the inside while helping maintain a positive outlook on the outside.

With so many contributing health benefits, it is not a surprise that turmeric enjoys a good repute in medicinal use. However, when consumed raw, turmeric is not absorbed fully by the body. This means that much of its effectiveness cannot be used by the body and offers almost no benefit.

The same goes for its supplement form. When turmeric supplements are used, they are poorly absorbed by the body with the result that most of its potency is expelled from the body without any real benefits. To correct this problem, Purathrive has introduced a turmeric supplement that works with something known as liposomal technology.

How Does Liposomal Turmeric Work?

Traditionally, there are two different ways in which turmeric is used for its health benefits. The first is known as isolated curcumin which is the form not fully absorbed by the body. This is also the form used in most turmeric supplements. The second is full spectrum turmeric which offers the most potent turmeric benefits.

Now, liposomes are substances in the body which prevent the breakdown of the nutrients found in turmeric and deliver them intact to the body via the digestive system and blood stream. This means that all the nutritional and medicinal value of turmeric is delivered completely to the body.

Purathrive offers a full spectrum turmeric supplement available as a liquid extract, which is what is required for its full health benefits. Using liposomes to bind together turmeric nutrients and protecting them from being destroyed by stomach enzymes and digestive juices, the supplement delivers the nutrients directly to the cells. This action helps in maximizing turmeric’s health benefits.

Who is it for?

Given the vast number of medicinal benefits of turmeric, this product can be helpful for anyone looking to:

  • Can help fight bodily inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties. Its curcumin content naturally reduces inflammation.
  • Can help prevent stress and anxiety by soothing the mind and nervous system. Curcumin can help lower cortisol levels and help support a balanced mood.
  • Can help detoxify impurities and toxins by stimulating the liver while improving its performance. A cleansed liver leaves you more energized.
  • Promote healthier skin by its antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help fight pimples and breakouts. Turmeric also reduces oil secretion by the sebaceous glands and can help clear acne scars.

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